With Walmart becoming a bigger and bigger retail chain, it’s important to know what can be used there as payment and what can’t be used. However, a few Walmarts nationwide do still use Certegy to verify any checks, which helps with the overall safety and security of both your checks and your finances. Using a check a Walmart has many benefits, including even $20 cashback on personal checks!

While Walmart does accept checks, there are limits and fees that apply to each transaction. Following these rules is very important to have a successful transaction. There are just 3 simple steps that can ensure a smooth process, and get you closer to shopping!

Firstly, you must have a government issued form of Identification. This means that you can use a military license, a state issued driver’s license, or even a U.S. Passport. Remember though, that you will not be able to cash a check with this form of identification. This is to help ensure that the person who is cashing the check is the person that the check is intended for. Being the first step, this step is most important to ensure that your check is valid, and is usually the first sign that your check is valid.

Secondly, the name on the check must match the name that is on the ID. In order to prevent fraud, Walmart only accepts checks that have the same name on the ID as the check, meaning that if your name is on the ID, but not on the check, then you won’t be able to use the check. However, with this rule there is an exception. An employee can actually use a business check at Walmart, however Walmart may need the employee ID to verify that it is indeed for them. Besides this scenario, however, your name will have to match both the check and the ID that you are using to cash the check.

Thirdly, your check must pass a verification scan. This is where Certegy comes in. With Certegy, Walmart verifies your check, and you’re good to go! How Certegy scans the check is by running the check’s info, like it’s routing number, the bank account number the check is from, as well as identifying information. Identifying information can be anything from your license number, to your ID number. This process overall helps assess the chance that your check will be returned, or if it’s fraudulent or not, which is important for your financial safety.

Following these steps will allow you to cash in a check at Walmart, which can be helpful for those who require cash instead of a check, which is more commonly accepted in stores nowadays. Of course, this wouldn’t be possible without Certegy top-quality check verification, without it, you lose the sense of security and peace of mind knowing that your checks, and your money are both secure.

Also, using a system like this can be proven to be safer than using alternative methods to cash a check without this check identifying service. With this service, you’ll be able to have peace of mind knowing that no one is using your bank account or other financial information against you in criminal activity. Keeping you and your finances safe is what Certegy does best! And while there are alternatives to Certegy, there is no alternative to security. Making sure that your money is safe is a given that everyone needs. And with Certegy, you’ll know that you’re getting quality service, as well as that peace of mind!

On top of this service, Walmart also offers $20 cashback when using a personal check, making it even easier to shop at Walmart! Before you write the check, make sure that cashback is available by asking the cashier, and if it is, and your check is accepted, you get $20 cashback like that! With no maximum on the amount of checks you can write a day, and personal checks being able to be transferred to your electronic bank account within 1 to 2 business days, and sometimes as quickly as the same day even, it’s clear that Walmart has your back with Certegy check verification services! Also, check with Walmart’s savings catcher to find any other savings to have!

Keeping your money secure is very important. That’s why using check verification services such as Certegy is such a crucial player in your financial health. With Certegy, you can rest easy knowing that your checks, and your money, are safe and valid. No one bounced or invalid checks if you use Certegy check verification process! And you’ll be able to focus on other things (Like Walmart’s $20 cashback when using a personal check!)

Reviews for Certegy also show us the quality experience you’ll have using their services! Being able to work with Pension checks, many say that Certegy “easy to use with pension checks”, and also it able to help people not have their checks be declined! This makes it easier for you to shop at your favorite stores with peace of mind, and focus on what matters most; keeping your finances safe and secure! Industry Leaders say that, with Certegy, pension checks have “never been easier to process”, with the check verification process being very simple and quick!

How does Certegy verify your check to ensure that it’s valid? Firstly, they check it’s routing number to ensure that it matches the bank account that the check is associated with to ensure validity. Then, they just other data, such as who is cashing the check, and what their relation to the check’s bank account number is. Finally, they confirm, if it is a valid check, that it is valid and allows Walmart to give you cash to spend on great stuff! (Including that $20 cashback!) Overall, using Vertegy at Walmart can greatly reduce the risk of fraudulent checks or checks bouncing, leaving you happy and able to keep shopping, knowing that the checks you deposited are valid! Use Certegy today, and be able to use checks with confidence and ease! And with all the services they offer, such as free annual credit reports, you’ll be in control of your finances at last! It’s no wonder industry leaders reccomend Certegy for all it’s “simplicity and speed”!