Knowing where your checks are coming from is a very important thing to know, and with today’s anonymous internet-based society, it’s now more important than ever to know where your checks are coming from, as they may be from a bank account with insufficient funds as part of a scam, or an even worse scam- be fraudulent. Certegy has been providing check authorization and check cashing services to several well-known businesses internationally, and their mission as a business is to protect from fraud and other illegal activity, by protecting customers from thieves using their account for illegal activities, such as theft. But what exactly does Certegy look for?

Firstly, they make sure any and all checks that you deposit or withdraw are valid. That meaning, they won’t bounce. Having a check for $500 come in, just to have it bounce 2 days later isn’t exactly fun. But Certegy offers a service that ensures the safety of both your checks and your finances! At Certegy, the number 1 priority is their customers, so you can rest assured knowing that Certegy will protect your finances. They also offer a few tips to ensure valid activity on their checking account when using checks, such as never ordering from strange websites or from salesmen over the phone, as it most likely will be a scam. Instead, order them from your bank or financial institution, as they will be valid then. But when it comes to keeping your online data secure, Certegy has you covered, as it offers services such as free annual reports, which, under the FACT act, is able to give users a free credit report. which can help your overall financial health.

What Certegy offers is a check verification service. This service offers customers to know the validity and authenticity of their checks, and help them with said process. This service is extremely important for those who use checks often, especially if you don’t want your checks to bounce. For example, if you had a check for $100, and you deposited it, only to find $400 missing from your account from a deposit you didn’t make, chances are you’re the victim of a fraudulent check, and they got your bank account information from the deposit you made in your account from their fraudulent check, exposing you to their criminal activity. Industry leaders say that, in order to ensure your checks are valid, it’s important to use a check verification service that will “ensure the safety of your finances, and ensure the validity of your checks.”

Another thing that Certegy offers is a declined check lookup. With this service, all you need to do is enter your reference number, or the transaction date, check number, and the amount in the transaction. With this service, you’ll be able to find out why your check was declined, and take the necessary steps to prevent it from happening in the future. This makes it easier than ever to keep on top of your finances, which is peace of mind that anyone would love!

Looking for a Certegy near you? They have a check cashing locator, which can help locate one of Certegy stores, where you can use one of their many check cashing services! At an In-store location, you have access to all of Certegy’s great services, including helping turn your paycheck into cash without the use of a bank account, which can be helpful for those who find themselves without any sort of bank account.

Another thing that Certegy looks for is whether or not the check you have has been altered in anyway. Commonly, industry leaders recommend that you “write in dark blue or black ink, and to not use too wide of spaces” This is due to the difficulty or altering dark ink. They also suggest to use a writing that couldn’t be easily altered to make a different number on the check, as this can, logically, lead to fraud and other criminal activity with your money. Knowing this, Certegy makes sure that all checks are valid by checking for this. For example, a check with a number 1 could, depending on one’s handwriting, be turned into a 7, causing the check to then be invalid, as it displays a number that doesn’t represent what the original writer intended, which can lead to some very unwanted situations that no one wants to be in.

Wondering if you need a check verification service? Keep in mind that, in today’s society, with technology and the way we send money advancing more and more, it’s becoming more and more important to secure your finances. Check verification is a way to do this. By verifying a check, Certegy can give you peace of mind knowing that your check is real. Because nothing is worse than a check that turns out to take money from you instead of give you any!

With Certegy, keeping track of your finances has never been easier! Of course, everyone wants to know what’s going on when it comes to their finances. But with so many reports of credit fraud, identity theft, and other fraudulent crimes, it’s hard to stay confident. By using any of the many services that Certegy offers, such as annual credit reporting, check verification, or even looking up why a check was declined, you’ll be able to secure your finances better and stay in control of them!

Lastly, the main thing that Certegy looks out for are checks that are cashed by someone other than you. In retail stores such as Walmart, it’s easy for one to turn in a fraudulent check, without the help of Certegy. The first thing that is checked is that the check and the person who is cashing in the check match, meaning that the only person who can cash in that hard earned check is you, making it easier than ever to cash in checks with confidence!

Overall, Certegy offers many services that can help keep you safe with your finances. And with all the great services that they offer, it’s clear that Certegy looks for anything that could put your checks or your finances at risk. With the check verification that Certegy offers, you can rest assured knowing that your checks and your finances are safe. Use Certegy, and know your checks are secure!