There are many different credit services and companies to choose from when it comes to choosing credit. However, in The United States, Humm offers a simple alternative to traditional credit banking, and offers a great, easy to understand way to keep track of your finances, and still make those necessary everyday purchases!

Certegy is a public corporation dedicated to ensuring the security and safety of check cashing services around the world. One of their many services, Ezi-Pay, or now known as Humm, allows you to “buy now, pay later”, and pay zero interest on an active account for up to 24 months. On top of this, Certegy also offers an online pre-approval system, where you can apply online before shopping, and you can use it within 60 days! With all of this, Certegy also offers a low monthly fee of only $3.50, making it a great choice for those who want to apply for credit without the steep monthly fees.

In order to apply for Ezi-Pay with Certegy, all you need is your I.D. from an American residency, your proof of employment, and some details on your assets and liabilities! This makes it even easier to apply for credit! Certegy also welcomers pensioners, as it accepts valid pension cards. This makes Certegy a great pick for those that are retired or veterans.

Using Certegy can help build up your credit, and as you pay off your credit, you will see your credit score rise with every purchase! This is helpful for those with little or no credit, as it can help give you a change to built it little by little, by paying off purchases that you’ve made with the account. Reviews for Certegy have also stated the same, stating especially that it’s helpful for those with a pension system.

The best part about Humm is it’s simplicity. With an easy to understand transaction categorization, with big things being purchases more than 30,000, and little things be those up to 30,000, you’ll be able to have control over your purchases and your finances! Industry Leaders say that this way of catagorizing the transaction is the best way to “ensure simplicity and ease of payment.”

No matter what you decide to buy, big or small, Humm has you covered. With a purchase up to $2,000, you can choose to pay it off in 5 or 10 “slices”or payments, every week or fortnight. With a purchase up to $10,000, however, you can repay all the way up to 60 months, making it easy to schedule a payment system that works for you!

Humm is available in store as well as online! Available with retailers such as Michael Hill and Betta Home Living, you have access to anything you may need, with the credit you need to buy it! This makes it much easier to afford everyday purchases, with a repayment system that works with you instead of against you! They even have a full list of stores to help you find the perfect place to shop!

Reviews for Certegy Humm also states that many industry leaders are “happy with the service they received”, while also raving about the pension programs that Humm offers. Being that Humm offers a very easy to use credit system, great for those with existing credit or those just starting out, it’s easy to see why Humm has such great reviews!  On top of that, many people also are happy about the very easy to use app that Humm offers.

This app is available on Apple and Android smartphones, and gives you access to your account on the go! You can do everything from pay your balance, to check the remaining credit you have, all from your phone.

Looking to start a retail business? You can now sell with Humm too! Humm, along with it’s other services, offers business owners 0 refund fees, making it easier to get off the ground, as well as an increase of up to 30% in sales, and up to an 80% repurchase rate, giving your business the attention it deserves!

Have an online store, in-store, or a mix of both? No problem, because Humm is very flexible, working with your business’ needs. With an in-store establishment, you’ll be able to link up your businesses finances into one system focused on helping you as a small business owner! If online is more your style, you’ll find the same care and attention online that you’ll find in-store!

Humm also boasts being able to work with many different online store platforms, such as Shopify and cubecart, and even supports in store retailers, giving you the flexibility you need to have your business take off and unlock it’s potential!

Looking to close your account? No problem! With Humm, you can cancel your account at any time upon paying any outstanding balances. No there’s no need to worry about lengthy contracts for years on end, with Humm, you can close your account when you need!

Humm categorizes its transactions into 2 main categories, big things and little things. With little things, you can pay a small monthly fee of $8, and you can pay it back in 5 or 10 installments, weekly or every fortnight!

For big things, which is categorized as purchases that are more than $30,000. These transactions can be paid off anywhere from 6 to 60 months, with the same $8 monthly fee of the little things transactions, and a payment schedule that works with your schedule! Certegy’s Humm has certainly come a long way to becoming the shopping credit service it is today. With Humm, you can unlock your true purchasing power! Overall, Humm will definitely help you not only keep track of your finances, whether you’re a business owner or use a pension system, you’ll find that Humm not only works great, but is also easy to understand compared to other credit services, with long and complicated contracts.